Saturday, December 10, 2022

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: Halloween 2022 x Land of Skulls Art Show

It's the most... wonderful time... of the yeeaaaaaaarrrrrrr.
Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday.  It brings me cheer like Christmas does for others.  This year, I went to a Superhero/Villain themed Halloween party and Art Show on the actual night of Halloween.  Two costumes.  Two nights to remember.  Take a look...

'Wonderwoman' for the 1st costume.  Again, it was a themed costume party.  I am extremely big on honoring people's themes and am peeved when others disregard their wishes.  With that being said, I only snapped pics of us who adhered and participated lol.

Pick your poison.

I hadn't seen my boos since last year.  We for sure cut alll the way up this night.

Now on to Halloween day...

Marley knows the vibes.

An Art function on Halloween.  Double whammy for me :). Though the weather was rainy, it was exceptionally warm.

Vivian from "Pretty Woman" for costume #2.

Skull themed artwork was posted throughout and available for bidding.

My faves: Top Left- Untitled(study) by. Andrew Cohen
Top Right- Judgment Day by. Laya Monarez

Lashari pulled up. "Janet Jackson" circa Velvet Rope

Smile bih.

My faves:  Top Left- Stay Pretty by. Natalie Levy-Costa
Top Right- Skull Cat by. Alana Ramo & Neoncat

Live tarot readings. 

Fancy Death by. NateMannArt

Issa Sexy Grassy Kinda skull by. Alex DuB DuBois

I misplaced this card.  It had the contact info for the DJ as he wanted me to send this pic.  I hope the universe circulates this to him in some way.  Aside from that, he was super cool and didn't mind requests.

She signed me up for the costume contest against my will. lol.  ShyTiff attempted to make an appearance.

Unsure what, but SOMETHING was funny.


This may have been the best grilled cheese I've ever eaten.

Costume change.  Wig removed to channel Vivian's real look the following day.

Since back when, I found joy on this holiday.  Halloween 1988.

*cues Vamp Anthem x Playboi Carti.

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