Wednesday, December 28, 2022

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: Art Basel 2022 Pt. 1 - Sneaker Sip n Paint

Art Basel Miami.  We here!  For many years, I've always wanted to attend Art Basel but for some reason, the plan would always fall through.  This year, I forgot about it until several days prior to... I saw Curren$y advertise his show w/ a live band there.  "Art Basel!?  Oh Shit.  I HAVE to go!".  The rest is history.  

I played and missed out on those tickets though (long short story), but was able to grab tickets to super dope events the entire weekend.  First event took place that Friday... @ Yankee Kicks.  

Our hotel room was huge.  The bathroom sink, not so much...

Lobster and seafood pasta?  I can't remember the exact name of the dish.  It was very very good.  Actually, you'll see a pattern of seafood this weekend.  I couldn't help myself. 

I have been to Miami fifty lem times and never took a photo with the Avalon car.  I felt compelled to do so at this moment.  The strip was packed on this overly windy night.  

Hey baby.

So we get to the location and it's a Sneaker store!  Well known in the sneaker community.  Yankee Kicks.  This was not mentioned on the rsvp.  As a sneaker lover, I initially had two emotions: "Omg, I would've wore [insert a pair of my countless sneakers] had I known!"  "Sneakerssssssss *cheesing".  The second emotion won.  Art and Sneakers.  I was most certainly in my element.  

Shots of Tequila.  Don't mind if I do.  

*jeezy voice... Let's get it shawty



More life.  More shots. 

voila. magic.

No really, what's in here?  I meant to look it up.  We passed it on the way to grab more food (and drinks).

This portion of the night was a little blurry lol.  

Ya'll know I get my folks out the way with the photos.  The following morning, the lighting was just right.  POSE. 

Stay tuned for Pt. 2 of the Art Basel excursion!  Coming very...very... soon.


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