Friday, December 31, 2021

{Personal Post} Photos:: 2021 4th Quarter

Holidays mean inebriation!  4th Quarter had its notable moments.  From seeing Dave Chappelle live to partying on a private 3 story yacht with an open bar for Christmas.  See it all below!

I know that this picture does NO justice, but trust me when I tell you... this food was beyond delicious.  I'm not advertising the restaurant though because their service SUCKED.  

Chappelle gave us the Home turf treatment beyond belief.  5 comedians who ALL were hilarious.  The screening.  Dave himself.  And thennnn a surprise concert by Erykah Badu followed by E.U.  

shut up.  we won this game...

Carti came to DC.  YES, I was there, no question.  My quick bathroom pics were the only time I had my mask off.  

2021.  I leveled up again in my career.  Shortly after, we found out moms had colon cancer.  However, technology is so advanced that they were able to do surgery and she is NOW cancer free ya'll!  Receiving treatment weekly to keep it that way.  I randomly had my hair dyed back to blonde and then went back AGAIN to have it dyed a lighter blonde.  COMPLETELY finished my invisalign treatment.  We got a dog and named her Marley.  Apparently, I was having too much fun and my body reacted in a way that I thought was one of the worst lupus flare ups I've had.  Turns out that wasn't the only thing going on.. my lil ass had pneumonia.  I was in the hospital for 3 days.  Sat me right tf down. lol.  The following week from being discharged, flew to the beach.  And all the other moments you all have seen in between this post and the previous personal posts.  Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you when you think everything's ok...
and life has a funny way... of helping you out.
Looking forward to what blessings 2022 will bring.  Happy New Year.

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