Sunday, October 4, 2015

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: Jack'n 4 Beats - Jack Daniels x Ty Dolla $ign Launch Party | Washington D.C.

#JacknForBeats Launch Party hosted by Ty Dolla $ign.  The event was free.. and the Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey was complimentary.  You CAN'T beat that.  There was a mobile studio outside the event for folks to bring their hottest bars to showcase and for a chance to win $5000.  Inside was the main event....


$4 if you didn't RSVP.  Ours for free ;-)
"Aiyo stand on that.. I got a tight picture idea.."

And the random photo shoot began...


these were free too...
Tag my shit.
showed big bro some love too

Ty Dolla arrived.

Blase' Blase'

Who would've thought he turned out to be so cool.  He talked to anyone who wanted to speak to him and/or get a photo with him.  Including me.. He saw me trying to get a picture of him.. so he stopped and smiled.  Perfect.

"Time to go..."
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