Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Wanna Travel? : Hong Kong is Giving Away 500,000 Free Airline Tickets

As the COVID pandemic continues to change the world forever, tourism has hit a low in many previous hotspots.  Specifically in Hong Kong, travelers had to abide by quarantine restrictions and mandates including multiple COVID-19 tests along with 21 days isolation.  The number of visitors declined drastically from over 50 million to barely reaching 100k.  

Now in efforts to boost tourism, the gov of Hong Kong has introduced the 'Hello Hong Kong' initiative.  Hong Kong is planning to give away 500,000 free airline tickets through their major airlines — Cathay Pacific, HK Express, and Hong Kong Airlines.  Interested?  Here's how.

Visit the World of Winners page to enter into a flight ticket register starting March 1. Ticket entries are scheduled by the home location of traveling tourists:
March- Southeast Asia
April- Mainland Chinese 
May- Residents across the world

For more information and/or to bookmark the ticket entry site, click HERE.  

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