Tuesday, May 10, 2016

{Personal Post} PHOTOS :: Broccoli City Festival 2016

Broccoli City Festival 2016 #BCFest fell on it's usual curse... a day of clouds and rain.  This year there weren’t as many activities as last year. The environment was different as this line up drew in a different and much larger crowd. Nevertheless, I know how to make the best of things and have fun. And that I definitely did…

First a quick dye job to her hair.  I think I did pretty good executing the vision.  

Hannah's sweatshirt!  I fully stand behind this slogan.  The epidemic is ridiculous.

She was chatting with Hannah.  Her baby hairs were poppin

Shrimp Po' Boy, in which I demolished.  This and Jameson accompanied me during the Internet's performance.  

Ran into the old homie Floyd.  'Long Time'.  This is a still shot of his IG video.  

Cool Cats- Josh New and @SeanBeasy #FootwerkBand
El Creeperton.
Maybe we were dancing?? Who knows. lol
Sean Beasy says this is the new mixtape cover... coming soon. lol 

In the back, by the main stage... doing what we do.  Everything was much closer though than it appears in this photo.
Mentally in El Segundo.
Snapchat still.
They passed these out for free.  I had a different flavor initially.  That one was cool.  My tastebuds, however, were NOT rockin with this one.  I still ate it though...

Another Snapchat still.  
The Beautiful Ones.


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