Monday, May 16, 2016

Video :: Not Listening | Descendent MC

 ...All hype
No Talent
Ya'll losing.  

Most times, the only way you can get someone to hear you is to speak aggressively.  Raw.   Trying to convey a message to the masses is no different.  'Not Listening' projects the essence of that via the moving of a free thinker in a non militant, but efficient revolutionary style.   There are no holds barred as Descendent addresses head on that we/this generation aren't 'listening' or being attentive to what really matters in our community and the things we'd rather stay distracted by.  Alongside the lyrics is a simple visual dominant enough to hold its own.  Here's an unconcealed one for your conscious.
Check it out:: 
"...They scared and silent.  They know we got power.. (they) wonder if we violent.  
Ending slavery, but put us in confinement.  Low wage, jobs, and debt.. no retirement..."

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