Tuesday, March 8, 2022

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: Dreams of Triumph presents... 'Black Love' Pop-Up Shop

Mi holmes Val held yet another successful Pop Up event for his brand, "Dreams of Triumph".  I documented the first one here back in 2016 and have attended many since.  Posts missing due to my hiatus during that time.  It's awesome to see his progression each time.  'Black Love' was a celebration of many things, including Val's birthday.  Merch from the brand for sale, games, signature drinks, jams, and culture in a blender.  Take a glimpse below!  

Traffic was GROSS.

@__djLOUD on the ones and twos

First order of the 'Vibrant Ting'

Second order of the 'Vibrant Ting'.  You know where this is going...

I met this pretty doll named Shira.  Not only was she nice, but her outfit was baaaad.  We chopped it up for a little bit.  She designs clothes.  Tap in @designsbyshirabenson


The first card drawn in 'Damn Gina'.  What a coincidence ;).  I warned everyone when asked to play that they DIDN'T want to play with me because I WOULD win.  Go crazy with the Martin trivia.  They did not adhere to my warning and eventually did not want to play anymore after I continued to get all answers right lol.  Tanae' even asked "Did you write for the show or something?".  She was dead ass. 

Shot time.

Brent always seems to have something cool on the back of his fashions whenever I'm at the function.  Check the flashback out from another one circa 2014

I can't tell you what this one was a shot of.  I just know it was brown.

I thought the night was ending here.  WRONG.  We ended up at a cafe'... 

and ordered more shots (with the food).  

Somehow.. we ended up at a surprise hole in the wall... in the basement.  

Deer in headlights.

Fun fun times.  Make sure you check out the Dreams of Triumph' latest collection HERE 

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