Thursday, February 24, 2022

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: Pisco Sour Day x A Night at the Moxy


February '22 has been FULL of fun for me.  My truck has been up and down the highway and the streets.  This post' spotlight is on Pisco Sour Day and A Night at the Moxy.  Neither of us had ever had a Pisco Sour drink before, BUT it was the special at our Peruvian restaurant.. so why not join in on the festivities?  The ingredients has us a little weary, you'll see below, but it wasn't bad at all.  We ordered quite a few of them.  

I thought this looked like Pikachu.  

I always take the best photos of my frennnns 

Ceviche tropical, Inca balls, Arroz Con Marisco...

Camarones en Melcocha.  Fried shrimp in special sauce over a bed of quinoa.  SLAMMIN.  

I ended up with Sunglasses on.. at night.. during this outing.  That says enough lol.

A Night at the 'Mox'bury was a couple weeks down the line and randomly occurred.  Randomness is my forte.  I'm always down.  

to the. moon!  what ya'll tryna do?

We settled on the "Relationship Status" drink, which had two versions.  Mine... the OG, hers... the Spicy Margarita.

gender neutral bathrooms.

ceiling of the bathroom, just in case you forgot your phone.

the commode had manners.

snapchat filter.  don't ask.

they really weren't the best drinks to be honest.  however, i still ordered another round after finishing these *wink wink.

lone wolf and cub.

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