Tuesday, February 22, 2022

For the Culture:: Artist Kid Kardiac transforms your Favorite Black Music and Sports moments into Stylish rugs

  Kendrick's rug gives me the Wizard from the Wizard of Oz vibes.  A double entendre in my eyes of everyone hailing him, but at the end of the day.. he's still human.  Alluring.

An Ad popped up for the Frank Ocean rug.  I clicked off curiosity and my oh my.  I was blown away.  Our people never cease to amaze me.  From album covers to sports figures to moments of our culture in general... Salute Creative Artist, Kid Kardiac.  WOW. 

I wasn't able to locate much about her, personally, but I certainly wanted to highlight her work.  Make sure to check out her site HERE to see the super dope gallery of handmade rugs she has created and most importantly... to purchase one!  Custom rugs are an option too!  

Follow her on IG and/or Twitter @KidKardiac

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