Friday, August 29, 2014

{Personal Post} Photos/Videos :: Trillectro 2014 | Washington D.C.

Trillectro 2014! After last year, I was looking forward to this one. I must say, it was bigger and BETTER for quite a few reasons. Though, it rained most of the day.. by the time I hit the grounds.. it was a mere sprinkle here and there. Nothing major. Trillgoers were able to still enjoy the festivities. Another successful dolo mission on my part. Take a look at the photos I was able to capture...

I stopped by my homegirl's vending station when I got there to show love.  I, also, wore my TRIBE shirt for support (and promotion lol).  She had a joint station with the HouseOfMiMi. 

They had free water bottles with their own personal tag.  You can't beat that at an event like this.

Ran into another homie there.  Was able to snap this photo of him walking away. 

SZA's on stage.  I was mad excited to see her live.

I never drink Heineken.  In fact this was my first time doing so.  Let's just say, I have a new beer of choice. Sn: Karlos clean those nails! lol jk

Vending area

This photo is extra large because I wanted everyone to see the shirt AND sign.  *fists.

Rae Srremurd set was Live.  I was very suprised.  The lil' kidos caught me.  Turnt up
At the charging station.  Why not take a photo lol

Reebok VIP lounge

Travis Scott came out and turnt THEE FXCK UP. 

I didn't get as many pictures as I liked because 1. I was having too much fun and 2. although there was a charging station, I wanted to preserve my battery life. Everyone there was swaggy. The vibes were ill (although this guy that was super high off whatever passed out right in front of me busting his nose and just laying there smh). I felt good for more reasons than one. Great memory.

I never posted the pics from 2013's festival. I took MAD pictures too. Unfortunately, when I looked in my phone... it seems I've deleted them all (for space I presume) with the exception of these 4. Bummer. I had a video, but I'm cursing in it... soooo that won't be posted lol. Hopefully, 2015's will be just as grand.

Rob and his fiancee looked out on my line skip lol that was around the block BOTH ways.  I was able to get in and meet up with my chick.

#Insider. ;-)

By this time, I was dolo again.  My homegirl who I had met up with left with her friends.  I had my drink.  Ferg was rocking on stage.  Shades were present.  A nxgga was cold chillin...

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