Thursday, June 2, 2016

{Personal Post} PHOTOS :: Dreams of Triumph presents... 'A Night for the Dreamers' Sip x Shop

via DreamsofTriumph IG

Last month, when the weather had returned to cool, the holmes Val held a Sip and Shop event for his clothing brand, Dreams of Triumphs.  At 'A Night for the Dreamers', the atmosphere was boomin.  Open bar D'usse, D'usse cupcakes, cordial hosts, super fly clothes from the brand, Travis Scott tunes setting the mood, and many many people out to show love.  A packed house with no drama...but love.  It was a feel.  Throughout the night, I heard nothing but compliments and statements of how 'proud' they were of Val etc.  I can only imagine what that feels like.  To be honest, I would've been overwhelmed lol.. in a good way.  However, needless to say, we all enjoyed ourselves and the night was a success!  The event, also, featured art work from Rikasso.  
Check out a few of photos I was able to capture in the midst of the 'dream'...

The creator of 'Dreams of Triumph'/Val
Brent .. if you see this... I didn't mean to get that close to your face homie, but I thought the photo came out right with your expression... considering what's in the background. 

Infused cupcakes.  These were soooooooooooooooooo good.  I was literally thinking about them for days after.  

via DreamsofTriumph IG


Brent, Myself, and Kev

The Menu

These ladies were so nice :-)

at it again

via TaylorandYorkSalon IG .. featuring Rikasso

Maintaining his cool, he exuded humbleness and thanked everyone throughout the event for the support.  It can only go one way from here.  
See something you like?  Check out the collection @ -->>> Big Cartel
All the way up.... #DreamsofTriumph.

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  1. You know I love when you do these events. Dope pictures.