Monday, June 27, 2016

NY's Penn Station could possibly be getting a Roller Coaster?

via AE Superlab
New York… it just gets sweeter and sweeter here.

There have been talks of spicing up Manhattan’s world-renowned Penn Station.  It’s always uber busy (including any time I’ve been in there myself).  So busy that you may not even pay attention to how raggedy and poverty stricken the place is.  Anthony Bourdain is said to have once referred to it as ‘the bowels of New York City’.  I can see the correlation…

However, a new proposal by AE Superlabs has seemed to make way.  Referred to as ‘The Halo’, the 1200 ft. tall structure would integrate into Madison Square Garden (or Farley post office building) becoming one of the biggest and fastest tower rides in the world.  This location, which is just one block west of the station, is said to allow The Halo to offer varying degrees of intensity (i.e. thrill seeking and sightseeing) along with having 5 multi-colored rings .. representing NY’s 5 boroughs.

Their goal is to make this more than just a ride. AE Superlab has visions of making this ‘New York’s high tech version of the Eiffel Tower’.

With something as fascinating as this next to the station, the city can’t help but to be tempted to do a little tidying up of the place… right?  Let’s see how this turns out.

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