Thursday, June 2, 2016

{HEAT} Chance the Rapper shares his unreleased verses of Kanye's "Waves" and "Famous"

On Zane Lowe's Beats1 show, Chance shared a rarity in the sit-down studio session; specifically his unreleased verses for Kanye West's 'Waves' and 'Famous' tracks off Ye's latest album, The Life Of Pablo.  WHY weren't these kept!?  KILLED IT.  For those who know me personally, you already know what part(s) I went ham over.  Thanks to RapFavorites for uploading this specific part of the interview.  Listen/watch the unreleased gems below::    


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  2. "Midwest coast back nigga,
    And don't say nigga, unless of course youre black nigga.
    Fee country, they say that shit in Tennessee!
    Cause I got all they white daughters drinking Hennessy!"

    That Famous verse was just legend like. I think the reason why they weren't on the album was because they would overshadow what Ye was doing ..