Thursday, June 2, 2016

Phoebe Parke breaks down the Signs that you’re Subconsciously trying to Destroy yourself

A great read I viewed courtesy of my Twitter timeline.  Blogger Phoebe Parke created a post of 13 Signs that You're Subconsciously trying to Destroy Yourself.  I instantly became curious and clicked the link.  Oh man.  How applicable was this to my life!? I scored 11 out of the 13 listed.  Sigh.  I’m certainly aware of the 11 things I was doing, but reading it from someone else made me face them.  It was like reading an article about you that hit the nail on the head that you try to avoid.  At the same time while reading, it made me feel I should take a foot forward in changing this. Already, I’ve succeeded with two things today that I'll share. One, I was invited to something this evening that I really wanted to attend to show genuine support, you know? BUT.. .I am absolutely drained in every way possible. I need rest and have had a VERY busy week from sun up to sun down. I decided to choose me (which 9.8 times out of 10 I don’t do).. and stay home to rest with sending my worded regards of support. Also, I went on a walk earlier and did not take my wallet with me so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy any ice cream or other sweets on the way back that I use often for comfort food.

All I’ve done is genuinely lookout for others behind the scenes and forth with no underlying motive. Just genuine gestures from my heart.  While doing that for so long, I’ve forgotten to look out for myself.. which lead to this being the normalcy.  Unfortunately, when I looked up… I had nothing to show for all the deeds and time I invested into others to make sure they were good, but they all did. And now here I am… attempting to stray from the path of self destruction.  I will succeed.

Are you subconsciously destroying yourself? Take a gander below and see if you fit any of the bill::

1. You can see what you’re eating is harming your body, yet you still do it.

Even though you’ve seen the weight gain, the bad skin and the sluggishness, you just cover it up and say you’ll deal with it later.

2. You don’t take time out for yourself and you spend your downtime working.

Downtime should not be spent sending company tweets, drafting emails or writing blog posts, downtime should be spent resting or watching your favourite show (without live-tweeting it).

3. You’re always doing 10 things at once.

You don’t have to listen to the news while on the way to work, be on the phone giving advice while washing up or texting family while on your lunch break.

Dedicate an appropriate amount of time to each task and you will feel less overwhelmed.

4. You’ve stopped investing in yourself.
You desperately need new shoes for work or new trainers for the gym. Yet you continue to wear the old ones that give you blisters.

Read ALL 13 signs and how you can potentially turn it around.. HERE
Or pass it on to someone you know may need to see it ;-)

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