Monday, June 6, 2016

President Obama proclaims June 2016 as "African-American Music Appreciation Month"

In a couple months, we will sadly see President Obama's final term come to an end.  To add to the long list of accomplishments on his incredible resume, President Obama declared June 2016 as 'African-American Music Appreciation Month' on May 31st.

During African-American Music Appreciation Month, we honor the artists who, through this music, bring us together, show us a true reflection of ourselves, and inspire us to reach for the harmony that lies beyond our toughest struggles.

Songs by African-American musicians span the breadth of the human experience and resonate in every corner of our Nation -- animating our bodies, stimulating our imaginations, and nourishing our souls. In the ways they transform real stories about real people into art, these artists speak to universal human emotion and the restlessness that stirs within us all. African-American music helps us imagine a better world, and it offers hope that we will get there together.

To read his full President Proclamation statement on this, click HERE.

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