Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stay | T.I. x Victoria Monet +.... Tiny's response video 'WTFYGD' ??

***UPDATE: Tiny's Response added.

I Love you Shawty...

It’s been a rough road for the Harris marriage these past couple months. After T.I. addressed a few things regarding their ‘separation’ on ‘The Worst’ (Remix) and rumors flying haywire, Floyd Mayweather threw the ultimate wrench in the relationship making all types of claims and disrespect towards T.I.’s wife Tiny (which is odd considering.. Floyd says she’s a friend. Can’t be much of a friend with the mess coming out of his mouth but anywho) that led to a brawl between both his and T.I.'s camp.
In this new track, T.I. addresses the separation again but this time around rather confesses his love for his long time companion and desire to repair his relationship/marriage with her ‘and I ain’t ashamed to beg you to stay’.
Of course I don’t know all the deets, no one does except them, but I hope they can work things out. Listen below::
I be breakin down.. you be playin hard”.

Hmm.. I'm not sure if this video/song dropped before or after this release but it seems Tameka had some venting to do on her own. Watch her new video below called 'WTFYGD'. "Do you wanna know what life is without me?? cause I'll show you what it feels like..."

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