Sunday, July 6, 2014

30 Day Challenge : Day 6 - Your Views on Mainstream Music

My view on Mainstream Music-

Meh.  Personally, I listen to more indie because I'm at peace with it.. we are one.  I mean that in a sense of... in today's Mainstream music.. I feel it's NO originality.  Have you listened to the radio lately?  All the songs (with the exception of a select few) sound the same.. and are talking about the exact same things.  Now, I'll fully admit.. in turn up mode I'm all for these songs, but I wish people would be more of themselves and not carbon copies of others.  That goes for regular folks as well.  However, with my faith in music...I think it's just a brief era.. and will fade... and the 90s type era will return.  Well I hope... 

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  1. Im glad to see this we have similar taste in music and i get my taste from you and we also have our different opinions on somome things but i cold heartedly agree with everything you just said. The 90's era was no doubt a more story telling era with substance.

    1. Yes, the story telling efforts drew you in... and not only that.. everyone was different and had their own styles. Sure they shared similarities but nothing on the radio sounded exactly the same like it does now. Thanks for commenting!