Sunday, July 13, 2014

30 Day Challenge : Day 13 - Your Opinion about your Body and how Comfortable you are with It

I'm 5 even with long legs. Anytime I wore shorts (and still to this day)... they were pointed out. The difficulty on finding a perfect fit pant length wise. My stomach was never super flat, but then I had an ovarian surgery where they had to go in 3 different ways: two below the stomach.. one in the belly button. Needless to say, that didn't assist on the road to 'wash board'. I eat A LOT, but have a chronic illness and it makes it difficult to gain weight; crazy considering my amount of intake. For the longest, I looked in the mirror and hated it.
Now I'm a grown ass woman. These flaws have turned into special attributes for me...I love my body, tats, and more. My long legs accentuate heels and other fashions in a certain way, my stomach isn't super flat how I would like (because of certain reasons)but it's far from gross and I can still display it, and my weight isn't necessarily a bad thing. In the era of 'thick x ass shots'... slim minnies may feel a little reserve about our bods here and there courtesy of what our men these days perceive as 'attractive'.. but point blank... we kill em too. Sure there are things I wish were different just like anyone else but I am thankful for what God has constructed. I have curves in the right spot. I'm fun size ;-) I embrace it.

Love yourselves family.

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