Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Photos: Dwyane Wade, Spike Lee, Boris Kodjoe & Sons cover New EBONY issue for Trayvon Martin Tribute...

I love that EBONY mag is doing this. For their September 2013 issue, the mag has 4 different covers circulating tributing Trayvon Martin. The covers include Dwyane Wade & sons Zaire and Zion; Spike Lee and son Jackson; Boris Kodjoe and son Nicolas; and rightfully.. Trayvon’s parents and his brother Jahvaris Fulton. According to Ebony Mag’s website, the issue will explore the concerns of racial bias, how to find solutions for those concerns, and how to heal and move forward. I was amongst those heart-broken across America after the George Zimmerman verdict was read “not-guilty” (although I am not surprised smh). I haven’t spoken on it at all because my heart breaks more and more when I think about what happened. Not just with the trial… but to us… the black community as a whole. I am glad that EBONY is making a mark weeks later reminding folks to #NeverForget. The covers speak volumes. Indeed… We Are Trayvon.

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  1. These are thing Tributes and things in my mind that will lead to meaningful dialouge... while I in no way feel that things will change on macro scale, if we can change one or two then it was worth it.