Wednesday, August 17, 2022

{Personal Post} PHOTOS:: Virgil Abloh "Figures of Speech" Exhibit | Brooklyn, NY

Once I received an email earlier this year about the "Figures of Speech" exhibit opening at the Brooklyn Museum this summer, I anticipated for months its arrival.  Fast forward to July.  It's here!

A well done honor of the late great visionary, Virgil Abloh.  
"Figures of Speech" is an exhibit traveling through two decades of Virgil's work and creation, including never-before-seen elements from his archive.  Walk with me...

Purist v. Tourist

Na-Kel I see you!

The Throne.

An area for viewing of Virgil's 2018 Louis Vuitton show in Paris.

food for thought.

Nah, this Sosa print was flames.  I would love to have that up in the crib.

Another projector.  This one showed Sha'Carri Richardson's "Sub Eleven Seconds" documentary, produced by Virgil.  I blogged about this in January (here)

I ended up buying the post card version of this flag.  It's up in my office now as a reminder.

Each of the staff members had this uniform on, kicks included.

Pretty Tony in the back.

There was a red screen that switched every few seconds with a new text...

About halfway through the exhibit, I began to feel emotions of overwhelming awe leveled with sadness.  To be honest, I expected that to happen before entering.  I stared at this photo of him a little too long towards the end and it did me in.  My chest.

some nice quality threads.  check out @brklnbloke

Can't have a trip without our shenanigans right? *grin. 


hotel lobby.

"This Jet life ain't for everybody.  This shit is reserved for us."
  - Spitta.

peeped a rooftop bar from our window.  more later...

stay safe.

our intention for happy hour was to simply have a couple drinks before heading out to eat.  a couple turned into a few.  chile.

I am unsure at this time why we were even in there LOL.  the videos leading up to this are straight comedy. 

influenced but aware.

Made it to Wolfgang Puck.  Lamb chops on the 1s and 2s.  The mashed potatoes are missing from this photo, but they were REALLLLY good.

Here's that rooftop I mentioned earlier...

The view was crazy.

I blogged about Nas' restaurant in 2015 (here) and was finally able to try it out.  

word to P.

I ordered a Blueberry muffin waffle (cinnamon muffin crumb, sugared blueberries, and lemon glaze) and Mac & cheese (3-cheese bechamel, shells, and ritz crust).  Please understand that I order whatever I want at the time, regardless of how crazy the combination may be.  And it be bussin to my tastebuds, so mind ya business that's all.  Just mind ya business.

Spitta, also, says... 
"Morning pretty with no makeup".

this has become my favorite filter.

never lose sight.


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