Sunday, September 13, 2015

{Personal Post} Photos :: Street shoots + Basquiat 'The Unknown Notebooks' Exhibit | Brooklyn, NY (Part 2)

In my Afropunk 2015 post, I mentioned Part 2 of the weekend would be in a different post.  Here it is.  Part 3 will come later.  That one has A LOT of photos I need to go through.  Anywho.. on this day.. I decided to soak in all the wonderful quotes that were everywhere in our hotel room, along with some street photo shoots, and then the Basquiat exhibit @ the Brooklyn museum.  Enjoy... 

on the lamp shade


The do not disturb and available sign were too cute.

on the toilet. ;-)

dark angel.

I snapped this because the scene reminded me of the beginning of one of the Resident Evil movies.  But the more I thought about it.. the more I got weirded out and was ready to cross the street..

One of the worst smells ever.

I wanted some shrimp fried rice SO bad.  The 'adventure' we went through just to get this

Taking a stroll through NoLita and spotted Little MJ . #RIP

'Coffin in the Form of a Sneaker', 1990 - Paa Joe (Ghanaian, born 1945).  In some regions in Ghana, the shape and style of a coffin should make a personal statement reflecting the profession, interests, or characteristics of the deceased.  ...providing a comforting familiarity.

Wolf Within, 2015.  Marble and Bronze.  Inspired by a Native American proverb "A starving man will eat with the wolf".

there lies a special treat with this.  That'll be featured in Part 3.

After roaming the other floors, we reached the Basquiat exhibit.  

Untitled (Leonardo da Vinci), 1982

looped footage of a Basquiat interview

Untitled (Crayon Drawings), 1982.  Private collection. 
"Don't you open up that window..."

Famous Negro Athletes, 1981.  Highlighting the contributions of African Americans and exposing the racism embedded in American culture.

Untitled (Crown), 1982.

Tuxedo, 1982.

looped footage of Basquiat creating.

Spotted an old photo of the bruhs.  #Skee-Phi.

The streets know.


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