Monday, September 7, 2015

{Personal Post} Photos/Video :: AFROPUNK Fest 2015 | Brooklyn, NY (Part 1)

This reminded me of Wonka.

Ahh NY.  A place I've grown to love over the years.  This adventure was for Afropunk at Commodore Barry Park.  Day 1 only.  Pt. 2 of the weekend will be in a completely separate post.  After editing the photos, I'm actually starting to think I may need 3 parts.  We'll see.  As you get further in this post, there are photos and videos used from others (noted in the credits).  I couldn't get any good shots of the stage oddly AND the videos were just the same.  Charge it to the lighting.
Starting from the hotel... take a glimpse into the day..

This is the only snap where I have the full outfit.  The shoes matched the glasses.  I wish the photo was clearer.

Room key

The line was crazy, BUT we found a way around it ;-)

image via Kelis' instagram.  When I walked in and she was doing my song 'Get Along with You'...I knew it was going to be a good day.  I was so excited to see her.  The best part of all is.. she did all my jams .. even 'Glow' :-).

Baby punk

Kiddie Punk in the shadows

Baby punk

This line was ridiculous.  The only bar line in by the main stage available to general admission.

When the lines are long... you start chatting.  K was cool

Lauryn Hill set.  img via Morgan Smith. 

'Because I'm happy...'

Grace!!  Image via Morgan Smith.  I couldn't WAIT for her to get on stage.  It was a SHOW just as I expected

See what I mean... bad lighting.

I ended up drifting off into lala land in my mind.  Not sure what song was playing... but I laid back on my mat and drifted off into space looking at the pretty sky

you don't realize how long this bridge is until you have to walk across it in 90 degree weather #insider.

My 'Queen' gal (we sung Bohemian Rhapsody in its' entirety in the bar without a care in the world)

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