Thursday, September 24, 2015

{Personal Post} Photos/Videos :: Made in America 2015

Day 1.  
I made the mistake of not charging my phone before heading to Philly.  My car charger croaked on the way.  By the time I walked in MIA, I was on about 38%.  I snapped what I could on this day, but didn't get as much as I liked. 

Meatball spot.  'Ballers' pun.  You get it.

One time for Lil Snupe.  That still makes me sad.
Meek brought out his son Papi to whip and nae nae.  He killed it.  Too cute

And of course... later in the show.. his girlfriend Nicki

via Bey's IG.  The lighting during her set did NO good for my camera phone. 
Shorty was booed up.. but she was nice enough to stop the lovin and snap a quick pic of me lol
Day 2.  My phone was fully charged.  Time for mischief.  I took more photos and videos, but not full coverage as I have done before.  Most of the time my phone was put up.  I was enjoying the moment.

it was of UTTER importance that I got there on time to see Fab.  
His set was like that 

Surprise guests... Chris and Neef (Young Gunz)

Action Bronson

I was in the soul food line while Action was performing but he was in clear view.  I meant to take a picture of the food but I was so hungry.. I forgot.  Fried Chicken.  Mac and Cheese.  Yams.
It was worth the 45 min wait in line.  The food was hitttin...

water station.  free btw
I posted this particular one during the Future set just so it could display how bad the sunlight wasn't rocking with me.  My videos during this set are crowd videos too for that same reason. 
via Future IG.

via Future IG.

Big Sean

Grits and Biscuits

via IG.  Lola Wolf.  I didn't get a good photo of her myself because I was in line for something else


Philly... till we meet again.. Muah.

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