Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Adam Levine and Usher cover D'Angelo's "How Does it Feel?" Live

The perfect description of my reaction to this from reading the headline to the opening note: Ya’ll remember that scene on ‘The Five Heartbeats’ where they were performing ‘A House for Love’ and that girl was in the front looking so non entertained… then Eddie Kane Jr. came through with that “builllllddddd it up!!!!” and her face changed...

LOL I wish ya’ll could have witnessed it. Whenever I have that same exact reaction to things.. I have to share with folks lol. Anyway... they did a great job. Watch below::

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  1. LOL @ you finding the 5 Heartbeats pic.... she was having a moment.

  2. LOL , nah I did a screen shot of the actual movie clip. I had to convey the expression visually lol