Thursday, May 1, 2014

1800 Tequila Jean-Michel Basquiat Bottle Series ...

”We are excited to showcase the works of a celebrated artist who was unafraid to express his uniquely creative spirit so much so that we dedicated the entire collection to one artist for the first time... Basquiat was a visionary, and a nonconformist role model for strength in simplicity and shared the same core values as the world’s most singularly drinkable tequila, consistently refusing to fall victim to gratuitous trend” – 1800 Spokesperson

1800 honors Jean-Michel Basquiat in the latest installment of their Essential Artists limited edition bottle series. There will be six different bottles each featuring an original painting of his. Keep a lookout for these this spring the next time you're headed to grab a bottle. Check out more of the collection below::

s.o. to 1800Tequila

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  1. I think this year’s 1800 series paying homage to one of the country’s finest neo-expressionist artists is a great idea. Coming from the same company that owns the infamous Jose Cuervo tequila, 1800 Tequila prides itself with a slightly lower alcohol content, which allows you to savor the taste better. The 1800 Essential Artist series has even less alcohol content than the traditional 1800 silver regular. That, together with the unique bottle designs and the fact that only 1800 bottles of this design will be made, makes it an essential to any liquor collector's treasure chest.

    Randy Steinberg @ Colonial Spirits Delivers