Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Women's Empowerment Wednesdays...

Yesterday, was as chaotic as it comes.  The earthquake situation alone was horrifying in my building.  I had full intentions on making a post ranting about things that took place during that... but I'm not sure if I should post yet, for different reasons. 

Fast forward to later that evening.  I was telling my mom (as I have spoke of before)...  how I seem to attract guys just like the ones in my family {including immediate}.  It was a reason for that though...but i don't feel like typing it all lls I'm not saying they are bad ppl.. but I'm only speaking on the drastic specific negative characteristics that relate to this:  They show no emotion forreal, which actually may explain why I rarely do myself, and if they do it's a poor excuse of one which makes you feel you shouldn't have showed any at all... Self-centered... and put ppl who DON'T really have them in their best interests before they do the ppl that actually care.  Several things took place after the quake, that led me to that topic of rant again.  My mom says:  "You still have a chance.  Break the cycle".  It was a wake up call.  I knew exactly what she meant.

This morning as I was ironing to get ready for my place of employment, the "How to Love" video came on.  I had no idea that he even had a video for it.  I made a post a while back describing how much the song touched me in ways ppl wouldn't understand.  After the video was over...I immediately thought back to what my mom said...  Funny how the entire video applied tremendously.  That led me to my empowerment post today.

Ladies... just because "whatever" has happened to all of your family and/or all of your friends, does NOT mean that you should give up and expect it to happen to you too (I.e failed relationships...early pregnancies...lack of education or career aspirations etc.)  You are different from all the rest.  Prove that by breaking the mold no matter what anyone says or what occurs that may seem hindering.  Keep fighting.  Be inspired.  "You still have a chance.  Break the cycle".

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