Friday, August 12, 2011

It ain't safe in the city.. WATCH THE THRONE

The day we've been waiting for.....

So as I mentioned yesterday...My cousin and I were on a WTT hiatus. The reason for that was.... we did not want to listen to the album ENTIRELY (since the iTunes release) UNTIL the PHYSICAL copy was released...which was today.  Don't ask why... we just take this shxt serious.  Regulars will never understand...

I went through another "mission impossible" to get this... Utilizing my 15 minute break to do something that would normally take longer. I was at the doors at 10 when they opened. The joy it brought me to see others there to get the same thing. #HovAndYeFANSuNITE

The DELUXE Edition was copped early. And I actually made it back within the 15min. time frame. Too easy. :)

Now my cousin... 286 miles away... was on it as well.  He was at his store at 10 and was able to cop his album too 

It's about to be a problem....

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