Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mrs. Thomaz?? Amber says so...

In a recent interview... Amber shares her desire to get married and have kids with no one other than Mr. Cameron "Wiz Khalifa" Thomas. 

On Children
"I want to be a mom really bad.  I really want babies.  I'll be 28 in October and my maternal instinct is ready."  {When asked if Wiz will father the child.. she blushed} "Yeah absolutely!"

On Marriage
"We’re definitely going to get married and have babies. Not right now because we’re still busy and we still want to enjoy each other first. We want to go on vacation, travel and just enjoy each other company, but he’s definitely the one. We’re definitely going to lay it down and get it done."

Now as much as I love these two as a couple, I must admit.. I had doubts.. simply because he is sooo head over heels for her and displayed that anywhere:  Amb's reaction to that was always one of hesitation.  The first time I saw her actually show the same affection back was at the Rolling Papers concert last month when he pulled her on stage for "Roll Up".  I was a little nervous that Wiz might get his heartbroken because she didn't seem that into him until that moment... and definitely now {after reading the interview}.  I think this might be promising :)  We'll see...

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