Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Women's Empowerment Wednesdays : I Got That | Amil x Beyonce

Plus i got my own bread..
You ain't gotta wave dinner over my head...
I got that..

Some people get wayyyy too comfortable.  They really get under the impression and illusion that  you NEED them (when majority of the time it’s quite the opposite).     This can be friends… relationships... (I won’t get started on that) etc. … Every now and then, it’s necessary we put them in check.  In a nutshell, When one stops appreciating all that you do {i.e. holding things down in any way}….start gettin’ arrogant to an irritable point of no return and “performing” like they are doing YOU a favor by being in your life..{shakes head at the thought}  .. let ‘em know..DON'T go there.  I got this {handled}… you can be outta here.  Remember that.

Especially if it aint’ 50/50 deal #Hello!  Come Correct.

Listen dude, but I got dollars and cents
You ain't gotta promise me to pay my rent
Catch me in a drop back
Playing speedy gonzalez
Toes never unpolished
The way I be dressing dudes wanna toss the salad
The way I be dressing got broads actin childish
But I pay my OWN bills
...Always has... Always will...
Side-commentary:  I could go into depth... but I know my ladies already feel me.. not just from a money perspective.. but from each and every angle (support... love.. loyalty).  Everything understood doesn't need to be discussed.  Have a great week.  Xoxo


  1. Only thing I can say here is......CHUUUURCH!!!!

  2. "I hear somebody say chuuuurccchh! I'mma need a suit"- Wayne

    Loll. Thanks for commenting! :-)