Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Sean interviews in London...

I was able to come across an exclusive interview of Big Sean with Tim Westwood over in London, where Sean currently headlined a few shows. Around the 3:17 mark… I discovered that my love and I don’t share this bond: Tattoos. I have 15 & counting and well he doesn’t have ANY. Have you noticed? I realized it once it was said. He says “I’m too indecisive”. Sean did mention something about getting a girl’s name soon after, although I’m pretty sure he was being facetious. Nothing wrong with having a bare body lls… especially when you have Tyga’s and Wiz Khalifa’s walking around. To each his own.

The more the interview continued, I discovered we have something in common there is hope lls. He expressed I’ont really fxck wit’ fish {I don’t like fish either #yuck}.
There were a few comedic parts to me .. like his random signature outburst of boi lls.. or I like that white wine in a “seducing” voice where he couldn’t help but laugh. His sense of humor and potty mouth {I def. have one on the low lls} gets me every time. It never comes of lewd or distasteful to me.. I like it.

On a serious note, the arrest made a few weeks ago, where Sean was charged with Sexual Assault after a show in New York, was brought up. I didn’t post about it because I was hoping it was ALL just false accusations. Anyway… Sean didn’t get disgruntled or display any uncomfortable behavior, which most celebrities have in the past with situations like that. He actually wanted to discuss it. “That’s Minor Shxt”. He went forth to say that he wants to talk about it {to give the real deal I suppose} but advisement from his lawyer has been to keep quiet.

s/o to ROC4Life

Through the entire interview… you see smiles… laughs.. jokes… an all around sense of humbleness. One of the many reasons why Big Sean has caught my eye ♥ Shordi got it…

Throwback cut from Big Sean. “I was in the corner standing like a tent” LOL That part cracks me up everytime.

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