Monday, August 8, 2011

Motivation Mondays... : Feeding Off the Love of the Land | Stevie Wonder

Seems the wisdom of man hasn't got much wiser...-Stevie Wonder

This post is a little different from my normal Motivation Mondays post, but it was on my heart so I couldn’t ignore. It dawned on me that most times one way or another… we are all so busy doing this and that… trying to get this and that… that we are not even paying any attention.. or giving thought to what’s really going on (think about it) . There are times where we actually need to STOP…reflect… and CHECK our perspective. We all need a reminder. These lyrics alone should relay the message I am trying to convey. Enlighten & humble yourselves this week ppl… YOU are the light. Don’t remain tied up in the whirlwind…
Seems to me that fools are even more foolish
Thinking of themselves and nobody else....

Living off the love of the Lord
While the price for life is higher...
Isn't love to be admired
Has the good in man expired??....

I awake each morning to the birds a-singing
Singing out to God to come and save his own
Did you know that when you feel the earth a-shaken
It's only mother nature with a crying heart....
Will there be a time when taking stops and giving starts??

Yes we are feeding off the love of the land
Never hearing what He's saying
Living off the love of the Lord
Never feeling what you're praying
Never praising Him for beauty
Only praying God please give me
Stealing all the love and the beauty from the land...

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