Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hip Hop & Love... The Visual

Hip hop and love. Simplistic and I love it.
 Shorty definitely makes me miss my blonde hair tho.  Ahh.
 The visuals add even more flavor to the song.  I love how Murs has a bad “dark skinned” chick for his love interest.  Not only just her complexion… but unfortunately nowadays…we rarely see our “own” being glorified.  #NoShade.. but it seems our own brothers rather have Albanians, Dominicans, and anything other than Black in the video.  Women are beautiful period, no matter the race… but hey.. don’t forget about your own people… and #ThatsReal.

I don’t wanna get started. Point blank…this shxt is dope. Check it out. 

s.o to the homie jerm’ (ace). We been on the chris and neef shit today with the post and twits keepin each other spirits up. You sent this right on time…

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