Monday, August 15, 2011

Motivation Mondays...

Too much enemy fire .. to catch a friend..

I was bothered by things this weekend (on seperate occasions) that just stuck in my mind.

A black kid fell in Kings Dominion right on his head.  Immediately he starts crying.  A white woman ran over and asked where was his parents.  As a response.. he says "I dun ha' a daddy!! I only got a mommyyyyy".  And she just looked (in a confused way).  To add insult to injury... the mother walked over and snatched the little boy without saying anything to the woman or even asking her son who just bust his head open on the ground.. was he ok.

There were visitors at the church during yesterday's service.  No problem in that.  ALWAYS a good thing.  This time.. while the pastor was conducting "invitation to discipleship", my mom taps me to turn around.  Sure enough... I see the folks in the back (our ppl..) taking pictures of each other on their iPhone IN THE CHURCH.. having a good ol' time. 

#Pause on both accounts.  We HAVE to do better. 

This week... ask yourself... what is one thing I can do to make myself better?  Are we a reflection and good representation of what we stand for or have we fallen into the wind?  It's too much going on in the world.  We have to straighten up and straighten out.  Help others.. stay humble..educate attention.

"It's time for us to redefine black power"...

RIP James Craig Anderson... Another heinous hate crime in 2011  smh

"New crib... put on a movie.. cause ain't nothin on the news but the blues"...


  1. Another well written post! Thanks for bringing awareness. I see all kinds of coonery on a daily that just makes my blood boil. I always ask myself how can I help.....what can I do to changes things. Then I noticed that change starts within me. I have to do better in order for others to want to do better.

  2. Thanks for commenting fam! I noticed that you pay attention too and care about the community (i.e. our convo about the young girl on the bus who's "life ended before it started" with her thousand tattoos and kids). Lesser parents are RAISING kids... and moral after moral in general is getting thrown out the window. I loved your comment! Thanks again!