Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Interesting or Ridiculous :: Superstitions from around the World

Last week, my nose was on fire.  It felt like I was attacked by an invisible mosquito hive out of nowhere.  In the midst of me scratching the hell out of it appearing more and more like Rudolph by the minute, I decided to google the 'meaning'.  Interestingly enough, the search returned a superstition result.  It said if your nose itches, you will soon be kissed by a fool and/or that someone is coming to see you.  More interestingly enough, that never happened that day :| LOL.

I started thinking of the superstitions I've personally heard from family or others and some I've read on the net.  I've decided to combine both into a list, including the culture or country it derived from if I was able to.  Even if you don't believe in superstitions, they are always interesting to read or hear.... no matter how ridiculous some sound.

If you blow all the candles on your birthday cake out with the first blow, whatever you wished for will come true. 

Whistling in the house will cause you to lose money. (Russia)

Cutting your hair on Good Friday prevents headaches in the upcoming year.

If your right hand itches, you'll get money.  If your left hand itches, you're losing money.  

Use the same pencil that you've studied with for the test and you’ll remember all the answers.

If a bird poops on your car, it's a sign of good luck and will bring forth riches (Russia).  In America, It's if a bird poops on YOU, it'll bring you good luck.  

Never eat food made by a woman containing red sauce as she may have mixed in her period blood (Caribbean).

I think all of us women have heard this one... A purse on the floor means you will have no money.

If you left something at home, do not turn around to get it or you will have bad luck for the rest of the day (Germany).

When entering your house at night, enter through the door backwards.  The spirits who have followed you home will then see your face and won't enter (Caribbean).  

It's bad luck if someone sweeps over your foot.

A rabbit foot is good luck (Puerto Rico).  On the 1st of every month say 'rabbit(s)' as your very first word of the day and you will have good luck (Britain).  

What are some that you've heard?


  1. I'm going to try the one on Good Friday. :) Some of these are new to me LOL...I've heard if you dream of fish someone is pregnant (LOL)and the Friday 13th curse.

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