Sunday, March 6, 2016

"Legends of the Hidden Temple" Will be returning to TV...

Instant memories of my brother, my cousin Rashard, and I glued to Nickelodeon in the 90s (whenever we weren't outside) on our own imaginary adventures.  Being on Legends of the Hidden Temple was one of them.  I was really drawn to this one.  As an adult, I can't explain to you the exact reason why.

To my surprise, I came across an article recently via Yahoo announcing that the show was returning.  Upon reading, I found that it won't be an exact revival of the game show and rather instead Nickelodeon will be producing it into a TV movie inspired by the original concept.

The twist is said that this will take place inside of the actual Hidden Temple.. and the selected characters will conquer obstacles in there.  Not sure how this will be pulled off, but know for sure... I will be tuned in.  

Here's an old clip of the original show just for old times' sake::

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