Monday, April 6, 2015

Video :: Eternal Sunshine | Jhene Aiko

The more that I see
the more that I know
I don’t know anything at all...

In 2012, Jhene's brother Miyagi tragically died of cancer at the young age of 26. In 2013, she was in a bad car crash (she posted a photo of herself in the hospital on IG)- her daughter was also in the car. The message of this video circles around the bad things (those 2 specifically) but focusing on all the good things featuring personal photos, childhood shots, and clips of her brother. All the while… Jhene is laying somber floating up to the sky while the reenactment of the ‘aftermath’ of her car accident is taking place in the background. Personally, what initially seemed as a feel good song to me back when the album dropped has turned into a complete sad one. 
Watch the video below::

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