Monday, May 20, 2024

{Comic Book Alert} MARVEL Pays Homage to MF DOOM x TidalWave Immortalizes Janet Jackson's Life Story in "Female Force"

The Late Great MF DOOM and Legendary Janet Jackson have made waves in the comics recently.  Marvel published a new comic book focusing on the Doctor Doom character, which is said to be the first release of a Doom comic issue since MF DOOM's passing in 2020.  It pays homage by featuring a slightly revamped quote from MF DOOM's Accordion track "Living off borrowed time, the clock tick faster" that Sanford Greene felt was a 'cool nod' to MF DOOM while fitting the story he wanted to tell.

 TidalWave released a 22-page "Female Force: Janet Jackson" comic, written by Michael Frizell and illustrated by Ramon Salas.  It follows Janet's life growing up in the Jackson household and rise through mega stardom.  Frizzel gushes about the issue stating "You know what's cool about writing about Janet Jackson?  It's like telling a story of triumph and creativity.  Her legacy isn't just about hits; it's about breaking barriers and being unapologetically herself."

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