Monday, December 5, 2016

The Struggle :: How work and life interfered with my blogging...

The Prelude :
Last year, 4th quarter, was the worst.  I hit an all time low (it felt like).  It rained in my life…  and just like the saying goes... it POURED.  Those ‘Addiction’ followers know that most times when I step away from the blog, it’s because something is going on in my life.  Nothing minimal.  Each time, it was detrimental enough to un-inspire me from writing and/or being on the internet period (including social media).  I wrote all the time in my journals, but nothing I had to say would ever make it up here.  My passion for my blog never left... but the motivation, the drive, and inspiration dissipated.  I was distracted with trying to figure out 'how did I get here?' 'am I coming or going?' .  You know... the motions of dealing with life... one thing after another.

There were, also, times when the posts would flood on one day out the week and slow up for the rest.  For those times, it was simple.  I work HARD.. and needless to say… . by the time I get home.. I don’t want to catch up on things..I don't want to see what new music released...  I don’t want to meet any more deadlines (including those set in my mind for the blog)… I just want to relax and unwind.   Laptop closed.  Phone down.

But, back to the above.  From the metaphorically speaking.. 'Coldest Winter', I had it set in my mind summer sixteen was going to be different.  I was going to have FUN just like I had done years prior.  However, the usual boomerang came.  Life had something else in store....
I was starting to get out and excited about things.  Things 'seemed' to be turning around.  THEN.. I got a deployment notice one late Sunday night.  I flew out hours later.  45 days out.  Working super hard.  I won't begin to tell you how strenuous that was physically, mentally, and emotionally.  That's an whole 'nother post in itself.  I said I would start up blogging again for my birthday post in October.  That didn't happen.  Life struck in all angles (unmentioned) once again.  

There is some light.  A random spark ignited my fire to return.  I was inspired to write again publicly.  When work and life overwhelms me, not necessarily at the same time.. it could be either or, I stray away from all things social really.  This interferes with my creative juices or even 'want' of blogging and/or being social period.  I become detached from the world.  I've tried to balance work, life, fun, and blogging.  I have failed.  LOL.  It's coming along though... slowly but surely.  I'll get there.  Just a 29 year old trying to learn how to walk and chew at the same time again...

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