Wednesday, December 28, 2016

{WATCH} :: Mass Appeal presents De La Soul documentary.... "De La Soul is Not Dead"

"TRUGOY the DOVE.  TRUGOY is Yogurt Spelled backwards."

Non-debateble, De La Soul earned their spot as legends in Hip-Hop.  Mass Appeal curated another semi-brief documentary- this time with the trio in mind.  From the beginning of shopping their demo tape, people constantly testing them from their appearance (Mase shared quickly he 'boxed'.  They fought for theirs), to the connection of the flowers in all their earlier photos that became a slight annoyance to the group as a florist was present on every photo shoot and that's not what they were really about.  We receive all the intricate deets.  We even get a pleasant surprise appearance(s) from, known Zhane member, Renee Neufville.  Don't worry about the sample clearance issues that result in some of their music being difficult to locate on streaming services, it's not applicable here.  You'll jam throughout.   Take a ride through De La Soul's interesting past and present journey of trying to continue to stay true to yourself and grounded in your own lane... when the game is requesting you change.

Random side-commentary:  Dudes in the early 90s era swagger is unmatched.  Dante Ross is still a cool ass cat.  

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