Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cheat Codes :: A Video Game(s) Faded Treasure

Did you see the Mortal Kombat photo and immediately think of the code 'abacabb'?  I did.  Cheat codes were prominent back in the day.  For me, I didn't use them to finish the game quickly but more so to assist and/or see the extra features that you don't see regularly.  I find myself revisiting old systems and games entering in codes like I just learned them yesterday.  Sometimes I even discovered new ones along the way.

I featured the above from Contra on this post because not only is it my favorite game ever, but I wish I had a cheat code back then to beat this joint. Up up, down down, left, right, left right, B, A didn't give me enough lives to make it through lol.  It was one game I conquered that I never saw to the end.  As time progressed, cheat codes became a thing of searching 'Google' or game magazines to find.  Eventually, they didn't become as prevalent as they once were or even bittersweetly not present at all.  

David Craddock visited this topic on Wayward and dug a little deeper.  An interesting read I found that I wanted to share.  Go down memory lane.  Check it out HERE..

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