Thursday, December 22, 2016

Intros that set the BAR (Part II) : The Song edition

As said for the album edition post, intros can make or break how or if you listen to something.  It can also make the production hit even harder as you’ll notice on a few that made the cut below.   Along with the albums, this was, also, a topic in our random discussion a few different nights of which ones were the ‘best’; in no particular order ---

Lucifer | Jay –Z
No words.  Just piano keys and a serious beat drop. I can’t even find the words right now to convey what I’m trying to say. Just know... instant head nod.

Hit Em Up | 2 Pac
He just comes on so disrespectful.. so stern.. and commanding.  I love it. lol.  If you weren’t interested in listening to the song before, he’s got your attention immediately at that moment. Nowwww… you wanna listen... and the disrespect gets worse.

Juicy | Notorious B.I.G.
‘Fxck all you hoes’.
I second that Big … (dudes is hoes too)

Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) | Digable Planets
Wtih each step, a different element is added.  Now THAT’S how you let the beat build.  SLICK.

Keep It Thoro | Prodigy
“Oh word?  Catch you coming out your fxckin crib...”
 Keep it thoro he did (on this entire album 'matter fact)

What’s my Name | DMX
“…half rappin ass muthafxckas! You think it’s a game!?  YOU THINK IT'S A FXCKIN GAAAMMME!?!?..."
You KNEW not to play with X.  No X.. we don’t think it’s a game. *Young Gunz in State Property voice... We gon ‘get down.

The Way I Am | Eminem
“Man whatever”. *cues Church bells.
Well said Em. That’s how I feel too.

Oh believe me … there’s more. Stay tuned for the third segment..

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