Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bow Wow... Shad Moss turns 24

Born the same year... #standup. Lol.

I use to be in LOVE with this guy. At EVERY show.. copped EVERY album… supported him tremendously. Ask the homie ‘Esh… me and her use to be ridiculous i admit that now lls over this guy..

Then .........

his ego made me mad one day as he started to get older (I forgot what interview it was) and I stopped supporting LOL. I ain't gon' lie.. at that age.. I was hurt. I still went to see all the movies and stuff. But crazy like I was.. nope. I'm like how could he act like this? #Bummed. However, I’ve never stopped showin the dude love. I mean… when you actually grow up in the spotlight.. sometimes it can turn out for the good… but MOST times… it turns out for the bad (drugs.. terrible ego.. etc..) It’s not his fault for real. I can say now.. he seems to slowly but surely coming back around.. taking bites of humble pie.

But yea…. I left the house this morning for my drive to work.. I grabbed the BowWow/Omarion Face Off cd for some reason. COMPLETELY RANDOM. Once the sub started kickin.. I was rockin during the commute.. thinking of the memories. (although I was old by this time lls). Once I got to work.. I realized it was March 9th… Bow’s birthday. Lol. That might explain the certain urge on the low. .. I THINK SO.

Happy 24th man! Hope you have a great one!

“Just to get a glimpse girls breakin they neck man…”

“and that’s why I don’t care who you are, when it come to the beat you gotta raise the bar…”

“If you ride for we… then I’mma ride for you..”

“I know you tired of these lames.. runnin same ol game.. bout what they gon’ do for you.. but girl I ain’t the same…”

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