Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Holiday: Lady Gaga to release Pink and Green 'Chromatica' OREO cookies


These limited-edition cookies are inspired by Lady Gaga's 6th studio album, Chromatica, which released in May earlier this year.  You can snag you a pack in your local convenience store beginning January 2021.  

To spice the hype behind them, OREO and Lady Gaga announced a 'Sing it With OREO' campaign where you can 'turn your voice into musical messages of kindness, with an OREOgram'. Affirmations, well wishes, encouragement... any kind thing you can think of.  Once you record a message, the message is transformed into a song that can be shared with loved ones.  You, also, enter for a chance to win a Lady Gaga experience, which can include merch... concert tickets.. meet and greets etc. 

No word yet if there is a distinct flavor with these.  The colors, however, will always be.


s.o. to CNN

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