Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Real Talk Tuesday..

photo via NuCentz

Time to get real!  Too many things going on in the world today! ..even in YOUR life personally! Voice your thought here.  What’s your “real talk” issue of the day? 

@Rep0_Man- “Real talk” they better lock Zimmerman’s tail up before there is another civil rights movement.

@Kid_Fn_Frankie- Real Talk! I've become too complacent .. mainly job wise, but also spiritually 

@descendentMC- "Real Talk" stop complaining about how wack Hip Hop music is when you don't support the artist YOU like!

@go_FucUrself- Real Talk to want it is to do it.  Hold no expectations from others.  You’ll spare yourself the disappointment.  Real Talk

@chochinazoet- Real Talk” Worker productivity would increase significantly if they weren’t micromanaged!  Let em do the job u hired them 2 do

My “Real talk” for the day is:  Real Talk… Finances can really change relationships.  Whether it’s intimate, friends, family etc. … Whether you want it to or not..

Feels pretty good to let out a quick vent. 
All submissions are welcome each Tuesday.  Hit me on the Twit. 
Until next time… stay real wit urself.  Peace.

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