Monday, April 28, 2014

{Personal Post} Photos/Videos :: August Alsina Album Listening Session @ Park 14th , DC.

I smile every time I see this pic.  On 4/17, DTLR hosted a private event at The Park @ Fourteenth for August Alsina.  The event included a Question & Answers segment along with a performance for a few songs in celebration/promotion of his album, Testimony, which released 4/15. The bartender hooked me up with an ENTIRE glass of Dusse when I arrived. Super clutch. The event was from 6-9 and very intimate; about 100 people or so. Alsina showed up around 8. While we were waiting his arrival, folks were chatting or eating/drinking... on their phones etc. I, myself, was snapping pics in between sips. I happen to run into an old classmate and we started catching up. She has her own magazine : XI Fashion Mag in which you'll see pictures of below. It's pretty dope.
When Alsina arrived, a girl fell on the floor and started crying -_-. Initially.. that was the face I made when I saw her do that, BUT Alsina ended up giving her the mic later on (since she said she had something to say) and she went on to say how long she has been a fan of his, she lost her brother too, how August is an inspiration etc. I kinda understood then (the tears, not the falling on the floor part). Then, she went to buy him a plate of chicken. lol.  

Aside from the obnoxious talkers, in which Alsina checked (I have it on video) in a way similar to his 106 and park incident, the Q+A session went pretty well. I heard him sing live back in October when he was there with Chris Brown; the same night Chris got arrested :-/. However, he sounded extremely well this time around. After singing, some folks on stage with him started pouring glasses of Ciroc and passing them out to us. I got a chance to meet Alsina and sure as I was a little tipsy at this point, I didn't say what I planned lol smh. I won't share that part which resulted in both of us laughing because I'm a little embarrassed about it, but I did manage to spill to him after the photo what I thought about his album and that I fxcks with him cause he's a real nxgga...I've peeped it from this and that etc. Told him how it's rare (in the celeb AND regular world) etc. etc. I didn't wrap him up, but I needed to get that out. He replied humbly with gratitude and is really a pretty nice guy. Cool, most definitely.

I left right after. My night was complete. Below, are all the photos I captured and some quick footage from the event. You'll, also, find the random photos of me sobering (smh) at my Moms before heading home for Scandal. Take a glimpse into it all...

They got him all upset.  You'll see in the video below when he stopped the interview to check 'em real quick.

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  1. That was awesome!!!!!! Thanks for pictures since i missed him when he came to atl :( glad to know he's humble glad to see you enjoyed our youngin! Lol