Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coast to Coast:: Jay-Z announces 2014 'Made In America' Festival held in Philly AND Los Angeles

Who saw this coming?
This morning, Jay headed to City Hall with Mayor Eric Garcetti in Downtown LA to announce the Made in America festival will be held there Labor Day weekend (annual weekend) at Grand Park. Oddly.. the festival will ALSO be held still in the routine location of Philadelphia.... The SAME weekend -_-. With that being said, the lineups will be different on each coast. LA councilman, Jose Huizar, is not excited as he expresses that he will not issue any permits for the event until more of the community inputs their opinion. Huizar has concerns about street closures for 10 days that would impact Downtown LA residents and workers directly. In brighter news, rumors have circulated that Jay and his wife Beyonce are set to tour together this summer. No deets or confirmations on that, but if I receive any updates on both of these...I'll make sure to spread the word to you all.

Sn: I've gone every year it has been held and am quite annoyed that it's in two different places and the same weekend. It's kind of like inadvertently creating a contest against the line-ups and sales. I'm, also, annoyed that TicketMaster sent an email out Monday (to us folk who've attended the festival previously) indicating the presale for Made In America began that day (ending yesterday)...with the previous address listed in Philly. I tried at least 10 times to purchase mine and kept receiving an error message. And then I get word of this this morning. I'm not understand WHY would You, ticketmaster, send out the email period if you knew there was going to be two locations and/or that it was going to change very soon? Just like last September when your customer service was still telling people the Rock the Bells Festival (in DC) was still happening, but it was already announced that it was cancelled… THEN told all the ticket buyers (myself) included at the last minute as if we didn’t already know. Speaking of the crazy customer service, I JUST received a response from customer service earlier this week regarding my error message asking was I trying to buy tickets for the Philly or LA fest? As if the LA location wasn't just announced and was posted Monday. -_-. Planned out eh? Janet Jackson face at these careless and unnecessary slip ups. I ‘m an avid customer, buttttt… get it together man.

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  1. LOL at how close Janet is to your real side eye face ...