Thursday, April 24, 2014

Time Warp... 2007 : You Ain't Know (Back to the Money) | Birdman x Lil' Wayne

Circa 2007.
“Rest in Peace to Ms. Gladys like ery’day”
You passed away in 06… and then later this dropped. That part meant the world to me. I look at it as… Everyone knew and respected the OG, my Grandmother. Lol. However, sometimes it’s bittersweet to hear it because of the reminder. I hope God is throwing you a party up there for your 90th in a bad canary yellow suit and a fresh hat two steppin to Marvin (or with him ;-) ). This time warp is dedicated to you. You are terribly terribly missed. Moms ain’t been the same since you left. She comes around every now and again though. You know me.. Ms. Tough guy (lol), I hurt but don’t show it. I wasn’t doing too bad today until I started typing this :-/. I normally don’t write you too much up here and rather keep it to myself, but this song was stuck in mind all day… and I couldn’t create this time warp post without acknowledging you. Anywho.. I’ll let you get back to your festivities up there. Just wanted to tell you Happy Birthday Grandma! We all love you and miss you. Xoxo.

Sidenote: Oh and in your spare time, tell Tony and Grandma Jackie I said hey.

Gladys M.C. Kornegay : April 24, 1924 – December 13, 2006.

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