Monday, May 3, 2021

Dolcezza Picks:: New Music for a Rainy Evening

Actually... some are new and some are relatively 'old' by now I guess. Either's raining all week, so I decided to drop a few songs from a playlist I curated. If you have Apple Music, I can share them to you directly.  Just drop your tag in the comments below.  Whether cooking, lighting candles, standing in the shower, or staring out the window aimlessly... enjoy. 


  • Mirror x Topaz Jones feat. Leven Kali
  • Stay Together x Romero Mosley x Iman Omari
  • Whisper (Want My Luv) x Patrick Paige feat. Steve Lacy x Allen Love, Durand Benarr 
  • Tryna Smoke x Jhene Aiko.  Check THIS version out too 
  • Cheers x Faye Webster

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