Monday, February 16, 2015

{Personal Post} PHOTOS :: The Black Love Experience (Part Deux) 2015 | Washington D.C.

The other weekend, I had the pleasure of attending The Black Love Experience (Part Deux) at the Anacostia Arts Center.  Nubian Hueman Boutique held this stellar event which celebrated black commerce, art, and love.  The weather was beautiful that day.  The event that evening... even more.  There were special treats floated throughout (strawberry shortcake, meatballs, etc.) pop-up shops, live music, a Polaroid booth, relationship workshops, massages, barbers, etc.  Basically, in a nut shell... EVERYTHING ;-).  The turn out was great!  Here's a glimpse into the experience::


I NEED this in my living room like yesterday; the quest to replace the SHHH portrait

House of MiMi doin her thang.  You may have remembered her from the Trillectro post

I was in loveeeee with these cards.  If I had a shorty, he was getting three of them I had my eye on off gate.  They were too cute.  Photo Cred :  Shar.  I had to use yours for this one and two others.  The quality was better lol. ;-)
'Some brothas recognize the light, but they can't handle the glare....'

s.o. to Withers
Immediately... Naysh and I looked at each other and said ..'If you're really a prince, I'll marry you'. lol.  Those who've seen Coming to America should understand
I saw a few brothas stop through and get shaped-up.  It was ill to watch {you had to be there for the set up}

We ventured into the 'Dating' seminar by the Love Guru herself... Ms. Teia Hill.  It was VERY interesting.  *Notes taken.
A list of her other seminars

Jimi x Nina x Roberta

Don't get too excited.. this was tea guys ;-)

These ladies were super nice.  I couldn't take my eyes off that sweatshirt something serious but they didn't have my size *sigh

A shirt was copped.

Chocolates at the bar.


"..Brown skin ladies... Indigenous women of the planet earth.."

'Who.... gave you... permission to rearrange me??'- Badu.

Soul Sistas. 
TIGHT.  Photo cred:: Naysh.

By the time I went to get a cupcake, they were all gone!  They must have been really good.  Photo cred: Shar.  She had a red velvet one.

Amazing cards.  Photo cred:: Shar.  (last one lol).

A portion of all the ticket sales went to the Orr Elementary School Embassy Adoption Program- for students located in the highest poverty stricken area of Washington, DC (SE) to learn and visit South Africa.  Special appreciation to :: DJ Underdog of OKAYAFRICA, Wayna, Markus Prime, Jamilla kubo, Soul Cakes by Tanya, Good Thoughts Tea Company, Juicelove DC, Ujamaa Box, House of Mimi, Lush Vices, 84Gem Jewelry, Bee Lux Butters, Wax Candle Co, Teia Hill, and More.  The ambiance of the entire event exuded in every way shape and form.. BLACK is Beautiful.

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